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Spring starts. Your classic car is (almost) back out of the garage. Below is a short checklist to keep in mind when you drive your car out of the garage for the first time.Oldtimer in de winter
1. Before you start the engine it is recommended that you check the level of the engine oil, power steering fluid and coolant.

2. When the battery has not been connected to a battery conditioner, it is necessary to charge the battery.

3. Inflate the tires up to 3 bar. During the stand still period straight surfaces will occur on the tires (unless the car has stood goats). Drive the first car ride at 3 bar. With this high pressure the straight surfaces will disappear. After this first car ride, the pressure should be returned to normal tire pressure.

4. You can now start the engine, open the choke and / or work with the pump hard on the gas pedal.

5. If you have done it in the best way, you filled the fuel tank to the maximum to prevent condensation. It is important, if you haven’t added Fuel Stabilizer to the fuel before the winter, to add now a Fuel Treatment to the fuel to remove the ethanol residue. (You can recognize this as a white powder that is at opening of the carburetor or fuel filter, if present).

6. When you haven’t changed the engine oil changed in Autumn, this now is recommended, since most of the classic cars driving with mineral oil.
(After a long standstill condensation will occur. This makes that cast iron and aluminum will corrode. The fuel, which got into the engine oil last season, dilutes the oil and makes it has no longer the right consistency. This leads to insufficient lubrication and protection. Change the proper engine oil, preferably add an Oil Booster + Turbo Protect to the oil for maximum protection and lubrication.

7. Check all grease nipples; ball joints, universal joints, etc. Please note that lubrication is not excessive, this has an adverse effect and dirt remains earlier.

8. With automatic transmissions, turn the engine warm and check the level of the gearbox oil. There could be a small puddle of oil under the car can.
Is this the case, do not panic. Classic cars are fitted with gaskets of felt, paper, or cork. These are played in prolonged standstill and therefore can sweat or leak. After the first car ride the seals get the opportunity to swell and seal.
If the leakage is permanent, it is most likely the packing is broken or very old so that it can no longer swell again.

Finally add to the fuel instead of Lead / Instead of Leaf GOLD (increases octane by 5 points, base gasoline with octane number 95)



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